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Victoria Buchholz - HSPS

Victoria Buchholz

Hailing from San Diego, California, I didn’t fully understand the importance of choosing a college when I was applying to Cambridge. My decision to apply to John’s was influenced by the fact that my father had greatly enjoyed his graduate studies there, and also, I’d heard that John’s had the best food!

However, as I finish my degree in Psychology, I can wholeheartedly say that applying to John’s was the best choice I ever made as an undergraduate at Cambridge. Yes, the food is excellent (particularly when dining in Hall!), and the campus is very picturesque. But while dining in Hall has been lovely, it is the support, both academic and pastoral, that John’s has provided that has made the biggest difference in my Cambridge experience.

I chose to switch subjects from History to Psychology two months before my first year exams, and my Director of Studies couldn’t have been more helpful despite the considerable (and inconvenient!) risk I was taking. Any time any sort of matter (from a leg injury to an academic question) has arisen my Tutors, the Senior Tutor, and others have been my brilliant advisors and advocates. At every point, members of the John’s community have been by my side—an incredible resource that I might not have found at any of the US institutions I considered attending, or even at any other college at Cambridge.

Now, I am in the process of applying to Law Schools back in the United States (and have already been admitted to several!). John’s has aided me in these applications, and I know that I wouldn’t be admitted without the recommendations and academic honors that John’s has bestowed upon me. While I am very excited about this next step, I will always remember how well supported I felt at John’s, and I will always feel truly proud and grateful to be a Johnian.'

- Victoria Buchholz, January 2013