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Tutors & Academic Office



Every student has a Tutor, a College Fellow who looks after the general welfare of their students.

Students keep the same Tutor throughout their time in College, allowing Tutors to maintain a close interest in their students’ academic progress and welfare, offering advice and encouragement. Students meet with their Tutor once or twice each term, and weekly clinics (known as Tutorial Times) allow students to drop in to discuss any issues – so they are there if you ever have a problem.

Tutors always work in a different academic field to their students, allowing them to provide confidential advice on any problems they may be having with their studies.

Students get to know their Tutors well, and Tutors get to know their students and understand them as valued individuals.

The Senior Tutor

The Senior Tutor has overall responsibility for students’ educational needs, as well as providing advice on welfare issues.

The Academic Office

Academic Administrators provide a comprehensive and high level subject-specific service for Directors of Studies, Tutors, and the wider teaching community. They provide a tailored service to Directors of Studies and teaching staff to assist in their College responsibilities and liaise with Tutors to support student welfare.