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As a world-class academic institution St John’s College is committed to offer its members an environment which allows them to achieve the highest academic standards. We take pride in academic excellence and we are committed to reward outstanding academic achievements through Scholarships and Prizes as well as various academic Prize competitions throughout the year. Financial support in the form of loans, grants and prizes is available from both the College and the University, while external Student Support bodies can also provide financial support.


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College grants, awards and prizes »

The College offers a number of generous prizes each year in various fields. There are also funds, exhibitions and grants for travel, research and the undertaking of projects during vacations.

We will also be presenting the Pythagoras Prize, a one-off award of £9000, to a first year undergraduate home student coming to study Mathematics at the College. For more information, please click here.

The St John's College Studentship Scheme has been set up to help reduce financial pressure on students from lower-income backgrounds. St John’s aims to ensure that every student capable of studying here is able to do so regardless of their financial circumstances, and that those students who need the most help are fully supported from start to finish. Read more about the Studentship Scheme here.


St John's College - Grants, awards & prizes
College scholarships »

The Davies-Jackson Scholarship

The Davies-Jackson Scholarship presents a unique opportunity for students with exceptional academic records, who are among the first in their families to graduate college, to participate in a course of study at St John’s College. After two years of study, candidates are awarded a Cambridge BA degree, known as the Cantab degree.  Deanie Vallone, an American student and recent Davies-Jackson scholar, describes her experiences of studying at St John's in this article featured in The Independent.

Mary Gray Studentship

St John's College is honoured to work alongside Bishops Diocesan College, South Africa, to consider applications for Undergraduate study in any subject, excluding Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.  Find out more...

The John Crook Scholarships

Candidates will be British Citizens and will normally be completing or have completed a full-time three/four year Honours Degree course, at an exceptionally high standard. The John Crook Scholar will be admitted to St John’s College, Cambridge to study for a second Bachelor’s Degree in the arts or humanities (excluding law or theological studies, as required by the donor), or the Degree of Master of Advanced Studies in mathematics or science subjects. Other options may be available for an appropriately qualified candidate. The award will be for up to two years (depending on the course), and will comprise a maintenance grant at the rate of at least £13,600 per annum plus payment of approved College and University fees. Find out more...

The Hong Kong Scholarship

 If you are a Hong Kong resident, who has gone to school in Hong Kong, then you are eligible for the St John’s Hong Kong Scholarship worth up to the full cost of undergraduate studies, including tuition fees and maintenance costs. Find out more...

Hardship funds »

Financial assistance is available to anyone studying at St John’s who is experiencing financial difficulties. Grants are available for students having problems paying tuition fees or rents, and Tutors can offer one-off interest-free loans or grants in the case of unexpected hardship.

A list of hardship grants can be seen on the grants, awards and prizes page.

University support »

In addition to support from the College, the University of Cambridge also offers excellent support to its students.

Cambridge Bursary

The Cambridge Bursary for UK/EU undergraduate and PGCE students offers an unlimited number of bursaries to ensure that students can meet the cost of their Cambridge education, regardless of background.

Cambridge Trusts

The Cambridge Trusts support international students at the University of Cambridge.