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Sport at St John's

As a College that has produced numerous successful sportsmen and women, St John’s has an impressive sporting heritage, which continues today. The College offers exceptional facilities, including extensive playing fields directly behind the College itself and a few moments’ walk away.

With one of the most complete sporting set-ups in Cambridge, including astroturf and hard surfaces, students can play everything from football and cricket to Frisbee and croquet. St John’s also has a famous rowing club – the Lady Margaret Boat Club (LMBC)– whose boathouse is one of the busiest and best on the Cam, and is currently the top College boat club in Cambridge.

Our teams regularly compete in the top rank of inter-collegiate contests, but because of its large student population, the College is big enough to suit all abilities. This means that whatever their preferred sport and standard, students rarely have trouble finding a team to suit them.

Keith Ellis, Head GroundsmanLance Badman, Boat House Manager
Keith Ellis, Head Groundsman     
Lance Badman, Boat House Manager
"Our ethos is to let people play sport regardless of their ability, whenever we can. That’s been key to making John’s one of the best sporting Colleges in Cambridge."

"We’ve got fantastic facilities including some of the best training facilities on the Cam, which makes us one of the busiest boathouses on the river."

Find out more about our sports clubs below, or contact the JCR Sports and Societies Officer, Charlie Selway (services@sjcjcr.com) or the SBR Sports Officer, Adam Lerner (abl33@cam.ac.uk).


Contact: Alexander Taylor (at736@cam.ac.uk)

Netball (Women's)

Contact: Ladies 1st: Holly Hampton (hih22@cam.ac.uk)
Chloe Fairston (cf442@cam.ac.uk)
Ladies 2nd: Anna Ratcliff (ar806@cam.ac.uk)
Anita Prasad (ap944@cam.ac.uk)


Contact: Shreshth Malik (sm2232@cam.ac.uk)

Netball (Mixed)

Contact: Charley Yen (eyhy2@cam.ac.uk)
Will Fenwick (jwf34@cam.ac.uk)

Basketball (Men's)

Contact: Jean-Robert Lalancette (jhrl60@cam.ac.uk)


Contact: Sam Fitzsimmons (sjf76@cam.ac.uk)

Basketball (Women's)

Contact: Daisy Driscoll (dad40@cam.ac.uk)


Contact: Moriz Reiterer (mr596@cam.ac.uk)


Contact: Charlie Selway (cjs219@cam.ac.uk)

Squash (Men's)

Contact: Sam Watt (sw782@cam.ac.uk)

Football (Men's)

Contact: Jamie Campbell (jc946@cam.ac.uk)
Men's Football 2: Shoaib Omar (so364@cam.ac.uk)


Contact: Henry Choong (hc454@cam.ac.uk)

Football (Women's)

Contact: Emma Shaw (es681@cam.ac.uk)
Georgie Hill (gh419@cam.ac.uk)


Mens: Cillian Leow (cyyl2@cam.ac.uk)
Womens: Katherine Klemperer (kmk40@cam.ac.uk)

Hockey (Men's)

Contact: Russell Hughes (rdgh3@cam.ac.uk)

Volleyball (Mixed)

Contact: Anna Klucnika (ak871@cam.ac.uk)

Hockey (Women's)
Contact: Dani Moon (dm712@cam.ac.uk)

Ultimate Frisbee

Contact: Jeremy Knott (jrk52@cam.ac.uk)

Lacrosse (Mixed)

Contact: Kate Williams (kiw23@cam.ac.uk)
Charlotte Stephenson (ces96@cam.ac.uk)

Water Polo

Contact: Cameron Wallis (cw615@cam.ac.uk)

 Lady Margaret Boat Club (LMBC)

Contact: Hatem Sadik - Honorary Secretary (has46@cam.ac.uk)
LMBC Mens: Robert Blyth (rb779@cam.ac.uk)
LMBC Womens: Freya Casson (fgc30@cam.ac.uk)


Contact: Rebekah Larsen (ral73@cam.ac.uk)