College news

Dinner menus written in French, colour-coded entry tickets for Johnians and their female guests, and dance cards featuring the waltz and the tango are on display alongside many more fascinating items at an exhibition in the College Archive Centre that documents more than 100 years of changing attitudes at the St John’s College May Ball.
An anniversary exhibition focusing on the lives of two major writers of the Tudor age – Ben Jonson and Thomas Nashe – reveals a world of slander, political controversy, and dishonourable conduct behind the scenes.
As part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, documents offering a glimpse of how much of the University of Cambridge found itself on the wrong side of the English Civil War are going on public display.As the University that famously educated Oliver Cromwell himself, one might expect Cambridge to have sided firmly with Parliament during the English Civil Wars. This weekend, however, an exhibition will reveal that the truth was often pretty much the reverse.