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Illuminated page from Lady Margaret Beaufort's "Book of Hours", 15th century
The most prized historic books and artefacts from St John's Old Library have been brought together for a new book, launched this week, which gives a glimpse into the remarkable and diverse collections held by the College. A book of Psalms over a thousand years old, Elizabethan charts showing the defeat of the Spanish Armada, and the 1807 Parliamentary Bill that finally abolished the transatlantic slave trade are just some of the historic treasures held in the Old Library of St John’s College.
Cedric Price, eccentric and influential architect
The life and work of Cedric Price, the unconventional and visionary architect best-known for buildings which never saw the light of day, is being explored in a new exhibition held at St John’s College, where Price was an undergraduate.A newly-opened exhibition at St John's sheds light on the life and work of the eccentric and influential 20th century architect Cedric Price, the designer of a “Fun Palace”, a university on rails and a flexible geodesic dome which anticipated the Millennium Dome by decades.
"Bound by Step [Two Faces]": Wordsworth's life-mask and sculpture by Nick Gear
William Wordsworth is one of the best-known poets of the Romantic period. Now a new exhibition at St John’s College is taking a fresh look at Wordsworth’s life and inspiration.
New in History: Global rules : America, Britain and a disordered world by James E. Cronin.
1590 chart showing the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
Charts illustrating the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Henry VIII’s love letters to Anne Boleyn and a red velvet book once owned by Queen Elizabeth I are amongst the items going on public display at St John’s College for Open Cambridge this weekend.
New in Language and Literature: Chomsky and His Critics, edited by Louise M. Antony and Norbert Hornstein
The Good House-wife made a Doctor (1691)
This is an online version of the exhibition held in the Library Exhibition Area until October 2014.Exhibition description: