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The following are elected into Fellowships under Title A from 1 October 2016:Mr Angelo Di Bernardo(Laurea, Naples, MSci, Arizona,)  for Materials ScienceDr James Francis Joseph Bryson(MSci, PhD, Cambridge)  for Earth SciencesMr Andrew Hsin Chen(AB, Harvard, MPhil, Cambridge)  for History of Art                                
Dr Stefano Castelvecchi, a Fellow and College Lecturer in Music at St John’s, will take up a brief visiting Professorship in Italy later this month, where he will lecture on the subject of opera.The University of Pavia has appointed a number of visiting Professors from outside Italy this year; Castelvecchi, the only musicologist among them, will lecture at its Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage, which is actually based in Cremona.
Could phrases like Churchill's memorable Battle of Britain tribute to "the few" hold clues about universal grammar? A new research project examining a linguistic construction called the Verb Second constraint could, academics believe, help to explain how people acquire language.It’s safe to assume that when Winston Churchill gave one of his most famous speeches in August 1940, the possible existence of universal grammar was far from his mind.
Four St John’s students have been awarded prestigious prizes, scholarships and Fellowships by various academic institutions during September and October due to their outstanding work and achievements.
With technology and science on the brink of significant advances in artificial intelligence, Zoubin Ghahramani, Professor of Information Engineering and a Fellow of St John's College, has been appointed Deputy Director of a new multi-million-pound research centre to study the challenges and possibilities of the future of intelligence.
A growing number of Christian denominations, particularly within Protestant traditions, are softening their stance on transgenderism and embracing trans people as congregants and ministers, a new study suggests.
What does it mean to be English and what does that mean for our political future? Leading thinkers on the subject aim to reach some conclusions in a conference at St John's.A group of leading political thinkers, historians and commentators are gathering at St John’s today (27 November 2015) to examine the intensifying political debate over what it means to be English, and the implications that may have for the country’s future.
St John’s College is to host the Cambridge International Development Conference on 28 November 2015, marking the 10th anniversary of the student-run event which discusses measures to tackle extreme poverty and global inequalities. 
A conference this Sunday, organised by Dr Theodor Dunkelgrün of St John's, will explore the impact of the work of the Jewish scholar Solomon Schechter.
Ever wondered if a fly can ride a bicycle, or whether you could survive only on water? A new website on evolution, created by a team led by Professor Simon Conway Morris, has some intriguing answers.Are there actually Martians out there? Could life survive in boiling water? And more importantly, what is your dog really thinking?