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Research and Innovation

The College aims to promote research by providing Research Fellowships for outstanding young academics and by supporting the research work of its Fellows and graduate students. These pages demonstrate the active research environment at St John's and provide more information about the College's researchers.

Research News

A fascinating insight into how World War I affected the lives of people at St John’s College is now available to hear online.The lecture, St. John’s and the First World War: From New Court to France and the wider world, was given by Dr John Slight, a Research Fellow in history at St John’s, at the College’s Donor Day on 18 May. It blends a survey...
Amyloid fibril, magnified a million times
A group of research scientists led by Dr Tuomas Knowles, a current Fellow of St John's College, have recently identified the molecular trigger for Alzheimer's disease.The research, recently published in the Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences, maps the pathway that generates abnormal forms of protein which are the root cause of...
Dr Ulinka Rublack
Dr Ulinka Rublack, Director of Studies in History (Part II), describes how recreation of an outfit taken from one of an extraordinary series of Renaissance portraits reveals how one man made his mark on society.