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Other Library Facilities

Microfiche and film readers

The Library has a microfiche reader on the Ground Floor for the benefit of engineers. Engineering and Chemical Engineering Tripos solutions are supplied on microfiche from the Departments of Engineering and Chemical Engineering. The Library also has a microfilm reader on the Ground Floor for viewing its collection of manuscripts that have been microfilmed, and for the use of scholars working on microfilms obtained from other libraries and archives.

Skeleton, Bones, and Brain

The Library holds a full-size skeleton as well as two sets of bones and a model brain.  Keys for access to these items can be borrowed from the Issue Desk.


There are eighty-eight lockers in the Library Basement for use by Junior Members. Please ask at the Issue Desk for more information.

Coffee machine

A coffee machine is located on the Ground Floor, close to a water fountain in the alcove to the right of the Issue Desk.


The lift is primarily for use by Library staff moving stock around the building. However, if you have difficulty managing the stairs, you can request a lift key at the Issue Desk.