Green tips

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Make do and mend – reuse your clothes, mend where possible and swap with friends
Use a hot water bottle rather than an electric blanket
Don’t leave your mobile phone on charge all night – it only needs a couple of hours!
Towel dry your hair to reduce the time using a hairdryer
Do not use portable electric blow heaters – these are incredibly energy intensive!
Put on an extra layer of clothing if you get cold – don’t reach for the thermostat
When it gets dark, draw your curtains to reduce heat loss and close internal doors
Check brightness settings on your TV – a factory set and overly bright picture uses more energy
Only turn lights on when you need them, and turn them off when you leave rooms/offices
Always remember to switch appliances off standby when not in use
Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth - taps use more than 6 litres of water per minute!
Dry clothes on a line or an indoor hanging
Wait until you have a full washing load before doing your laundry
Let warm food cool before putting this in the fridge and don’t leave the fridge door open
Defrost food in the fridge throughout the day rather than quickly in the microwave
Keep the oven door shut as much as possible – clean the glass door to see what’s going on
Use the correct sized pan for the hob and keep lids on pans to reduce heat loss
Don’t waste food – this is a big contributor to CO2 emissions in the UK (freeze your leftovers)
Don’t boil more water than needed in a kettle – if you need one cup, boil one cup