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Forbes College, Princeton University Exchange

a 1-week cultural/academic exchange with Forbes College

The College has an annual Exchange Programme with Forbes College of Princeton University in USA. This cultural / academic Exchange Programme allows 5 undergraduate students from St John’s to spend 1 week at Forbes College. The aim of the programme is to broaden the social horizons of students and allow them to gain insight of different cultures.  The students, who are selected to participate in the Programme, have the opportunity to closely interact with their peers from Forbes College and share information about each other’s history, traditions and way of living.


Undergraduate students from all year groups (including finalists) and across all subjects are invited to apply. The selection is done on the basis of academic excellence and the successful applicants are the ones who are expected to benefit more from the Exchange Programme.


St John’s students are invited to go to Forbes College from Sunday, 17th September to Saturday, 23rd September 2017.


St John’s students will be involved in a variety of academic and cultural activities, during their stay at Forbes College. Some of the activities that our students attended in the previous years were:

  • Lectures and supervisions
  • Athletic events
  • Cultural happenings
  • Off-campus trips to short destinations

Costs covered

  • Travel / Insurance / Visa costs
  • Accommodation & Food
  • Programme activities at Forbes College

Additional Information

The exchange students from Forbes College will visit Cambridge from Sunday, 19th March to Saturday, 25th March 2017. St John’s College will provide accommodation for the students coming from Princeton. The host students are expected to assist their peers during their visit and be involved in the activities organised. The cost of these activities is covered by the College. Our goal is to make the Exchange Programme as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, for both parties.

Application Procedure

The application procedure starts on Friday, 18th November 2016 and the deadline for applications will be on Monday, 19th December 2016.

Students who wish to apply will be asked to also enclose: (i) a basic CV, and (ii) a personal statement of the reasons why they are interested in the Exchange Programme and how they feel that it would benefit their academic and personal development.

In the meantime, Student Services would be happy to respond to informal enquiries and requests for information.