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Exploring Land, Sea and Stars: Johnians and Their Maps

Mon, 19/06/2017 - Fri, 22/09/2017

From ‘bagging’ Munros in Scotland to sheep farming in New Zealand, Johnians have explored and experienced a great deal of what the world has to offer. Whilst some of these experiences and trips were for educational purposes, other adventures were purely for pleasure. However, for some Johnians it was the celestial spheres that seized their attention as they journeyed to the stars.

With the use of maps, this exhibition will take you on a grand tour and provide fascinating accounts of the lives of Johnians beyond Cambridge as they set about exploring land, sea and stars.

The exhibition runs in the Library Exhibition Area from 19 June to 22 September, and is open to the public Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (excluding public holidays).