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Chapel: Facilities available for hire

The Chapel and its facilities are available to hire for a variety of different events. Please click on the links below to find out more information about the facilities you require.

To enquire about hiring the Chapel for an event, please contact the Chapel Clerk, Stephen Stokes, on (01223) 338676 or by email, if you would like to get married in the chapel, please contact the Dean by email. Eligibility for permission to marry in chapel can be found under Weddings & Blessings in Chapel.


In its standard layout the Chapel can seat up to 247 people in the collegiate style benches and misericords. If desired, additional seating can be placed in the chapel aisle to increase the total number of seats in the main body of the Chapel to 413 (at £1.00 per extra seat). These additional seats are single, folding, inter-linking chairs that can be laid out either following the collegiate layout, or facing forward in rows of five (split into blocks of two and three, with an aisle in between). This number must include performers and workers, ie if a concert was made up of a choir of 30, and there were 10 workers (Stewards and front of house) then the capacity for the audiance is reduced to 373.

It is also possible for an extra 100 seats to be set out in the Ante-Chapel, however these seats do offer either partially or totally restricted views of the high altar.