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Cantata Evensong with St John’s Sinfonia

Sat, 23/05/2015 - 18:30 - 19:45

Orchestral Voluntary: J.S. Bach  Adagio ma non tanto (Brandenburg Concerto no. 6)
Responses and Preces: Radcliffe
Psalm 115 (South)
Antiphon: Non vos relinquam
J.S. Bach: Cantata no. 10
               ‘Meine Seele erhebt den Herren’
Nunc Dimittis primi toni
J.S. Bach: Cantata no. 172
               ‘Erschallet, ihr Lieder, erklinget, ihr Saiten’
Hymns (NEH): 342 (tune 178), 431
Orchestral Voluntary: J.S. Bach  Sonata (Cantata no. 31)

This  service  will  end  at  approximately  7.45 p.m.