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Affiliated applicants

If you hold, or expect to hold, a Bachelor’s degree of Honours standard from another university, and wish to follow a further undergraduate course at Cambridge, you may apply to become an Affiliated student. Affiliated students are full student members of the University, and differ from others taking undergraduate courses only in that they take their Cambridge BA degree after two years’ study instead of the usual three years.

At St John’s College we take only a small number of such students each year. Applicants are assessed individually on their merits, in competition with other applicants for entry at undergraduate level. Because of the intense competition for places at Cambridge, at all levels, we demand high academic standards from our Affiliated students. In cases where the student’s first degree is classed, we might expect a First Class or at least a very high Upper Second, while in cases where a GPA system is operated a score of 3.75 (out of 4.0) or higher might be required. Attention is also paid to performance in the relevant school-leaving examination, where applicable. Strong academic references are also essential. Candidates with a first language other than English must obtain relevant qualifications, such as IELTS with an overall score of 7.5 and no component of the test below 7.

Applications can be considered from potential Affiliated students in all subjects except Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Architecture. Applicants need to provide evidence of their academic suitability and potential to study the subject for which they are applying, and for many subjects considerable prior knowledge is essential in order for a student to be able to enter the ordinary undergraduate course at an intermediate point (as an Affiliated student effectively does). Affiliated students often study the subject in which they have already taken their first degree, or a cognate subject in which their previous education will be helpful to them.

Some subjects may be better pursued after a first degree by taking a Master’s degree or Diploma course, rather than by following a second undergraduate course as an Affiliated student. Enquiries about admission to these courses should be directed to the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RZ.

Application for admission as an Affiliated student is made via UCAS. Full instructions are provided with the form, which must be sent to your preference College together with the application fee by 15 October for admission in October of the following year. Some Colleges may be willing to accept late applications, but St John’s, out of fairness to all applicants, adheres rigidly to the official closing date.

Applications are assessed on the basis of academic record and references. Candidates are not normally interviewed unless they are resident in the EU, when they may be invited for interview. In some cases, applicants will be asked for samples of recent written work produced in the course of their studies, and this will also be used in reaching a decision. St John’s aims to reach a decision on Affiliated applicants by late January. If St John’s rejects your application it may then be passed on to the Affiliated pool where it will be made available for consideration by other Colleges.

Any offer of a place will be conditional on satisfactory evidence of financial support. It should be noted that the total cost of University and College fees, plus personal living expenses, for overseas students amounts to approximately £35,000 per year for Arts subjects and approximately £43,000 per year for Science subjects. For students from the UK and other EC countries, total expenses are approximately £18,500 per year. St John’s is not able to provide scholarships or other sources of financial support for Affiliated students. For applicants from some countries, the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust administers several sources of support, and further details can be obtained by writing to the Trust at 53-54 Sidney Street, Cambridge, CB2 3HX, United Kingdom.