Academic life

St John's has a thriving academic community, with a large number of Research Fellows based at the College.

We're recognised for our research, we're known for supporting students, financially and otherwise, and there's a busy schedule of clubs, activities and social life.

There's also a wide range of facilities and services available to Fellows, staff and students, including a library that is open for members to use 24 hours a day.

Featured news

Galaxy M106, Image: NASA/ESA et al

An essay prize for works of scholarship or the results of any research that candidates have undertaken on a topic within the physical sciences.

Information is now available, please see the attached document.


Academic life


Adam Magee, head gardener, trimming the yew hedges in the Master's garden
Yew hedges which have grown at St John's for over 60 years are being used to make drugs to fight cancer.The mature hedges in the Master's garden are clipped annually to maintain their shape and promote new growth. Rather than being burned or...
Professor Dasgupta and Professor Ramanathan meeting the Pope earlier this year
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta is one of two eminent academics who today makes an impassioned appeal to the world’s religious leaders for help in curbing the potentially catastrophic effects of the ongoing abuse of the planet’s natural resources.
Two Johnians have joined the Royal Academy of Engineering after being elected to the Fellowship at the Academy’s AGM on 15 September 2014. Professor Robin Bloomfield and Dr Paul Woollin were two of 59 new Fellows elected this year in recognition of...
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