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St John's has a thriving academic community, with a large number of researchers based at the College.

We're recognised for our research, we're known for supporting students, financially and otherwise, and there's a busy schedule of clubs, activities and social life.

There's also a wide range of facilities and services available to Fellows, staff and students, including a library that is open for members to use 24 hours a day.

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Art, Applied Arts and Photography

The competition is open to all Junior Members of the College and entries are normally accepted at the beginning of the Easter...


Academic life


A bewildering physics problem has apparently been solved by a team of researchers led by St John's Benefactor Scholar, Stefano Martiniani. The study provides a mathematical basis for understanding issues ranging from predicting the formation of...
The following are elected into Fellowships under Title A from 1 October 2016:Mr Angelo Di Bernardo(Laurea, Naples, MSci, Arizona,)  for Materials ScienceDr James Francis Joseph Bryson(MSci, PhD, Cambridge)  for Earth SciencesMr Andrew Hsin...
Dr Stefano Castelvecchi, a Fellow and College Lecturer in Music at St John’s, will take up a brief visiting Professorship in Italy later this month, where he will lecture on the subject of opera.The University of Pavia has appointed a number of...
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